Profile Skeletons And Rules

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Profile Skeletons And Rules

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:07 am

When making a profile, please fill out the skeleton for the specific race chosen. Post in here and when 

In order to be approved, you must write a minimum 1000 word short blurb from the character's back story somewhere. This is to show that a) you can write at a decent level and b) you know enough about your character to write them. Alternately, you may do a roleplay with someone and link to it. As long as you've written 1000 words (and a minimum of three posts) you may link to it and mark it as complete.

Once you have the profile and short fic completed, post a ★ star next to your profile name like ★ [Profile name] and a mod will look over and approve it. Feel free to role play before your character is approved however please note that any interactions are not counted as canon until approval and must be marked as such. See Roleplays section for further rules. 

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